Standardized Patients

Standardized patients (SPs) first joined the program in academic year 2004-2005 to work with the graduating class of 2008 as they entered their first year of medical school. Since then, over 200 SPs have cycled through the program with a current pool of over 100 SPs who participate in a variety of ways.

SP Candidate Profile:
SPs come from diverse backgrounds and there is no pre-requisite work experience to become an SP. Some of the key traits of a successful SP include: fluency in verbal and written English; overall communication skills; trainability; reliability; punctuality; comfort level with being examined by learners of both genders; and ability to work as a constructive team member.

SP Roles:
SPs play a variety of roles in the program: Patients for physical examination demonstration and/or practice; role-playing and providing feedback to learners on their clinical performance; facilitating practice sessions for communication or physical examination skills; providing support for various CSC activities. The list continues to expand as new and innovative ways are found to capitalize on the diverse talents that SPs bring to the program.

SP Casting:
SPs are cast for specific time-limited projects. SPs are selected for a project based on a number of factors including SP availability, skills, attitude, and suitable demographics such as age, gender and body type requirements. The SP Program does not guarantee a minimum number of days or hours of participation.

SP Hiring:
SPs are contracted as outside projects-based workers. SPs are not considered employees of WCM-Q. Minimum age of participation is 16 years and all applicants are required to submit a copy of their Qatar ID and a Letter of No Objection from their Qatar sponsor allowing them to participate in the program.

SPs are paid on a monthly basis for their participation in the program.

If you are interested in applying to the SP program, please contact Gemma via the details below.

Gemma Fabricante
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (+974) 4492 8338
Fax: (+974) 4492 8360