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Student Activities & Programs


Orientation Programs


The Orientation Programs at WCM-Q are mandatory for all incoming students. The interactive program serves to familiarize students with the faculty, their classmates, WCM-Q facilities, and university policies and regulations. This is achieved through a variety of lectures, activities, presentations, formal discussions and social gatherings. Many logistical processes are also taken care of during this time such as issuing student IDs, lockers, mailboxes and laptops.

Students participate in community service activities, which aim to enhance their social belonging and the concept of giving back to their community. They also engage in fun and interactive discussions and activities with their faculty members in order to build stronger relationships between them and improve communication.

At the end of the orientation, the dean and the faculty of WCM-Q celebrate the arrival of the new students at a ceremony entitled The Opening Exercises. This is an open event that family and loved-ones are invited to attend.

ASA Student Ambassador Program


The purpose of the Admissions & Student Affairs (ASA) Student Ambassador Program is to attract high quality applicants to WCM-Q and to assist in the delivery of major events held on campus.

The Student Ambassador Program is made up of student volunteers who represent WCM-Q during building tours, major events, and orientation programs. One of the primary responsibilities of the program is to promote WCM-Q to applicants and visitors.

The Division of Student Affairs seeks highly motivated individuals who are outgoing, friendly, possess excellent communication skills, and are excited about their experience at WCM-Q. Students can apply to be an ambassador after they have completed at least one academic semester. For more information about the Student Ambassador Program, please contact Mr. Amjad Abdo, events and student development specialist, on 4492-8538 or via

Student Clubs & Organizations


There are currently 33 registered student clubs and organizations at WCM-Q, ranging from sports clubs to charitable and humanitarian clubs. We actively encourage students with similar interests to come together, organize and register themselves as clubs. These clubs are very active and participate in various events with other campuses within Education City whether it is soccer, debating, cultural awareness or music. Through these interactions, we work to foster international connections with students from the various Education City campuses.

List of WCM-Q Clubs and Organizations

Medical Students Executive Council - Qatar (MSEC-Q)

Debate Club