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Prospective Students

Welcome to the Office of Student Recruitment and Outreach. Whether you are a middle or high school student, a parent or a prospective student, a school counselor or a principal or simply getting ready to apply to college, you are in the right place to start your journey.

Career options and college applications are indeed a turning point in the life of college-bound students. Choosing the right career and the right college is an important decision. But preparing for college does not have to be overwhelming. We believe that it is never too early to start, and we are here to help you prepare for your application through a variety of programs and activities that pave the way for an easier transition into the application process.


The Office of Student Recruitment and Outreach is committed to serving prospective students, parents, schools, and other partners by providing a supportive environment focused on relationship building through recruitment, outreach and cultivation initiatives.

Goals and Objectives

The mission of the Office of Student Recruitment and Outreach is to offer recruitment and outreach services and cultivation programs to attract students who possess not only the academic profile required to succeed and flourish in our pre-medical and medical curriculums, but also well-rounded personalities, and who will enrich the student body at WCM-Q. This mission is accomplished through the following goals:

  • Foster relationships with local partners to attract Qatari students to careers in medicine
  • Recruit distinguished students locally and regionally
  • Promote the image of WCM-Q by raising awareness of its education programs
  • Develop outreach activities to serve students and the community

The mission is accomplished through various programs and activities including, but not limited to, school visits, WCM-Q visits, winter and summer enrichment programs, and workshops for counselors and teachers. We highly encourage you to browse through this section of the website to identify programs and activities that interest you, get useful tips on how to get started or even ask a question.

Student activity flyer

Click on our Cornell Colors Magazine to view our programs, events and activities.

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