Flow Cytometry

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The Flow cytometry core provides cell sorting and cell population analysis services to the research community of WCM-Q. The core services also support the collaborative research with other biomedical institutes in Qatar.



The FACSAria II from Becton Dickinson (BD Biocsiences) is a high speed cell sorter for measuring and sorting fluorescently labeled cells. It has six lasers (355, 405, 488, 535, 561 and 640 nm) to differentiate up to 18 fluorochromes. It can sort up to four populations simultaneously in a variety of collection devices. The acquisition workstation is a PC with BD FACS Diva 7.0.

BD LSRFortessa cell analyzer

Fit most flow cytometry analyzer needs, the BD LSRFortessa has three lasers—blue, red, and violet, can accommodate the detection of up to 15 colors simultaneously with a defined set of optical filters that meet or exceed the majority of today’s assay requirement. The acquisition workstation is a PC with BD FACS Diva 7.0.


Liberska, Aleksandra, MSc
Flow Cytometry Supervisor

Sun, Lu, PhD
Manager of the Microscopy Core