CCMetrics and ACCMetrics

Research licence agreement to access CCMetrics and ACCMetrics software
CCM represents a rapid (5-8 minutes) technique to image corneal c-fibres in subjects with peripheral neuropathy. CCM images are captured from the central / peri-central region of the cornea in the sub-basal layer using a Heidelberg HRT III confocal laser scanning microscope. Nerve fibres in CCM images from patients display different lengths, widths, patterns and orientations. In expert manual measurement of nerve fibres three main metrics have been used to date: Nerve fibre length (NFL), Nerve fibre density (NFD) and Nerve-branch density (NBD).

Manual quantification of nerve fibre morphology is highly labour intensive and requires a trained expert ~10-20 min/image. With funding from the JDRF, we have developed a manual (CCMetrics) and automated (ACCMetrics) image analysis system to extract and quantify nerve fibres. This provides an output for all the main nerve parameters either for single images or for multiple images/patient in minutes rather than hours.

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Please email at if you need any help. A 2 day practical hands on workshop has been established in Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar to train researchers in CCM image acquisition and image analysis. To book a course please email to Georgios Ponirakis at