Mission Statement


Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar was established by Cornell University in partnership with Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, pursuant to an agreement signed in January 2001. WCM-Q is part of Cornell University and shares the same mission as Weill Cornell Medicine in New York: A commitment to excellence in teaching, research, patient care and the advancement of the art and science of medicine through the maintenance of scientific and clinical scholarship.


The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) division’s mission aims to promote educational endeavors, which extend beyond the undergraduate program and align with the mission of Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar. To this end, the mission of this division is to:

  • Provide high quality professional development opportunities for health professionals based on identified needs and the latest scientific and medical developments that will lead to the improved health care of patients;
  • Offer health professionals the opportunity to attain credits toward medical licensing requirements locally and internationally;
  • Develop and disseminate best evidence-based practice and health education research; and
  • Create opportunities for health professionals to develop a community of practice to interact with one another personally and professionally.


The Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar CPD program consists of educational activities that align with the tripartite mission of education, research and patient care. The content is based on identified practice gaps, educational needs, and the learning preferences of the audience.


The intended audience for Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar CPD activities is broad, in consideration of our clinical care partners and their mission to improve quality of care throughout the region. Participants will include:

  • Faculty members and staff of the college and its affiliated hospitals and health care centers
  • Physicians and health care professionals in the State of Qatar and the region
  • Alumni and current students of Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar

Type of Activities offered

The CPD program of Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar offers a variety of educational activities including:

  • Regularly Scheduled Series, such as Grand Rounds
  • Conferences, live courses, and workshops
  • Other innovative and interactive activity formats

Expected Results

The Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar’s, Continuing Professional Development division is dedicated to developing activities that are expected to improve the knowledge, competence and/or performance of physicians and other healthcare practitioners, thereby improving patient outcomes.

We intend to measure the impact of our activities through the assessment of the learners. The expected result is that the learner will be able to do one or more of the following:

  • Demonstrate their ability to apply the knowledge they have gained
  • Make a commitment to change their practice as a result of the educational intervention(s)